• An Overview of Coder Public Alpha

    Coder is a web-based IDE with the standout feature of giving you a scalable container, with full root access, to run your code. The cloud IDE has entered public alpha, and I was curious to see how well it performed and what, if any, were its shortcomings. This article is by no means a comprehensive review just an overview of my time with the Coder public alpha.

  • The Story of a Rails MVP

    Some time ago I was sitting at my desk on a Friday, I had finished my sprint and was looking at a full day of investment time but had no idea what to tackle. The thought popped into my head that there might be a website or forum where I could get some inspiration. I thought there would have already been a site where people talked about investment time. It turns out that site does not exist, at least as far as I can tell, and so I decided to create MyInvestmentTime.com.

  • Middleman & Jekyll, Thoughts and Takeaways

    There has been some discussions as of late among my coworkers and friends about replacing WordPress. We use it for marketing sites and so do a lot of dev shops and agencies, but it definitely has it’s pain points. Middleman and Jekyll both came up as options. So after looking at the two I decided to write a post about the differences and similarities of each.

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